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Seva Enterprise LLP is a dedicated team of 25+ professionals offering exceptional tax, accounting, and compliance services to clients in India, the United States, and around the world. Seva Ltd (US) and Seva Enterprise LLP (India), as part of one Seva Group, work hand in hand to leverage the group's extensive knowledge and resources to uphold the highest standards in the industry and serve clients across borders.


The concept of the Seva Group was pioneered by Mr. Praveen Jain and his daughter, Paridhi Jain, both proud natives of Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. By establishing Seva Enterprise LLP in Ajmer, they solidified the Seva Group's presence in India.
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We are proud to have the following team members be a part of the Seva Group:


Mr. Sourabh Bhatt

He is working with SEVA from past 6 years. He drives the Business Tax and provides Strategic Tax planning and guidance to our clients. His expertise and leadership contribute significantly to the organization's financial success and it's ability to navigate the complex landscape of tax laws and regulations.


Mr. Sanjay Sawlani

He is working with Seva from past 5 years. He leads the Accounting Team, Business Tax Team and Billing Teams. His expertise in Accounting principles, Financial reporting and Team management is critical to ensuring accurate and compliant financial records. He is responsible for ensuring smooth and accurate invoicing processes and plays a critical role in safeguarding our financial standing and contributing to our long-term success.


Mr. Maneet Singh Sabharwal

He is working with SEVA from past 4 years. He is a key member of the Tax department, Individual Tax, Research and Indian Compliance. Responsible for supporting our organization's Tax compliance and reporting efforts. His role involves assisting senior tax professionals in various tax-related tasks and ensuring the company's adherence to relevant tax laws and regulations. His command over Indian and US tax laws and other compliances is exemplary.


Mrs. Deepti Bansal

She has been working for the past 3 years. She is responsible handles the Indian Compliance and Compliance Department. She ensures timely filing of compliance returns and payments before due dates. As an experience holder, She provides training to the new joiners in the organization.


Mr. Manoj Satrawala

He is working with SEVA from past 2 years. He plays a critical role in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the Clients' Financial records, Accounting records, Business Tax records and Compliance Tax records. With his strong understanding of accounting principles and attention to detail, He contributes to the smooth functioning of our organization.


Mrs. Shilpa Jain

She is working with SEVA from past 2 years. She supports the Indian Compliance and Compliance Department and its functioning. She ensures adherence to regulatory requirements by our clients. Her attention to detail, Analytical skills, and commitment to best practices contribute to identifying and addressing potential compliance risks and financial liabilities.


Ms. Shruti Tandon

She is working with SEVA from past 2 years. She leads the Compliance Department and is responsible for supporting and implementing compliance filings on time. Her experience and dedication to promoting ethical practices and maintaining compliance standards are invaluable in safeguarding the organization's reputation and minimizing potential legal and financial risks.


Ms. Mahak Sharma

She has been working with SEVA for past 2 years. She plays a crucial role in supporting the HR, Outsourcing and IT department and contributing to the success of the organization's human capital initiatives. With her strong interpersonal skills and understanding of HR processes, She also helps to create a positive and productive work environment for employees.


Mr. Navneet Singh

He is working with SEVA from past 2 Years. He is responsible for a wide range of tasks- Including financial and Accounting reporting, General ledger maintenance, Sales Tax records, Budgeting support, and Compliance monitoring. He works closely with our finance and accounting teams to ensure that financial data is accurate and up-to-date and plays a key role in preparing Financial statements, Conducting analysis and supporting our organization.


At Seva Enterprise LLP, our success is fueled by a team of top-tier professionals who are experts in their respective fields. With qualifications such as Chartered Accountants(CA), Company Secretaries(CS), Masters in Business Administration(MBA), and Bachelor of Laws(LLB), our team brings together a diverse range of skills and experience. We take pride in our ability to collaborate seamlessly, Providing superior service delivery and ensuring client satisfaction.


As a boutique organization, We continuously empower our Members with the right mindset and skills to provide the competitive services which helps them to become the transformative leaders the world needs, pursue careers as unique as they are, and build their own exceptional Seva experiences.


Our alumni who joined us at a very early stage of their career with very less stipend are currently working with the Big 4's and earning handsome packages. Seva culture nurture them by providing them with a platform to earn the experience and professional attitude.


Miss. Aashi Kasliwal

Aashi Kasliwal, A Native of Ajmer was born in Jan, 1998 was working as a junior business Associate in our group, Joined during the graduation days(Second year). She was one of the youngest of all in our group. She gained 4.5 years of experience with our organization along with completion of and Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration.


Mrs. Shivali Taparia

Shivali Taparia, A Native of Ajmer worked with our organization for 4.5 years. During this tenure she gained good experience of US Taxation and Seva Platform provide her with the opportunity to take her career ahead. She is now associated with EY Global Services India LLP.


Mrs. Neha Jindal

Neha Jindal, A Native of Ajmer worked with our organization for 6 years. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant(CA). She did her Graduation, with a Bachelor of commerce in Accounting and Business Statistics from MDS University, Ajmer, Rajasthan. She also served as the Operation Head and Compliance Head(US) in Seva Enterprise LLP.

Her scope of expertise includes providing assistance to US-based corporates in meeting the regulatory compliance required by U.S. State laws, i.e. Payroll Consultancy, Sales Tax Consultancy, Company Formation and Dissolution, State Annual Reports, State Franchise Tax Return, and Nexus determination for Income Tax and Sales Tax. She is now associated with Unison Globus.

Mr. Syed Farhat
Syed Farhat, A Native of Ajmer, who made an indelible mark during his time at our organization. Syed Farhat, a dedicated professional with a passion for driving change, worked diligently with us for 5 impactful years. His journey with us was marked by a series of exceptional accomplishments that reshaped our approach to outsourcing, vendor management, and process efficiency. He understood the significance of ITINs in meeting various tax requirements.