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Seva Enterprise LLP is a dedicated team of 25+ professionals offering exceptional tax, accounting, and compliance services to clients in India, the United States, and around the world. Seva Ltd (US) and Seva Enterprise LLP (India), as part of one Seva Group, work hand in hand to leverage the group's extensive knowledge and resources to uphold the highest standards in the industry and serve clients across borders.

The concept of the Seva Group was pioneered by Mr. Praveen Jain(CA, CPA) and his daughter, Paridhi Jain(CPA). By establishing Seva Enterprise LLP in Ajmer, they solidified the Seva Group's presence in India.
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We are proud to have an amazing team as a part of our Group:


Mr. Sourabh Bhatt

He is a Chartered Accountant, working from past 6+ years. He drives the business tax and provides strategic tax planning and guidance to our clients. His expertise and leadership contribute significantly to the organization's financial success and it's ability to navigate the complex landscape of tax laws and regulations.He is in the process of moving to US on H1b US company Visa and join our US office. 


Mr. Maneet Singh Sabharwal

He is a Chartered Accountant and is working from past 4 years. He is a key member of the tax department, individual tax, research and indian compliance. He is a great support for our organization's tax compliance and reporting. His role involves assisting senior tax professionals in various tax-related tasks and ensuring the company's adherence to relevant tax laws and regulations. His command over Indian and US tax laws and other compliances is exemplary.


Mrs. Deepti Bansal

She has done her M.Com and has been associated for the past 4 years. She is responsible for the compliance requirements for our clients. She ensures timely filing of returns and payments before due dates. As an experience holder, she provides training to the new joinees in the organization.


Mr. Manoj Satrawala

He is a Chartered Accountant and is associated from past 2 years. He plays a critical role in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the clients' financial records, accounting and tax returns. With his strong understanding of accounting principles and attention to detail, he contributes to the smooth functioning of our organization.


Mrs. Shilpa Jain

She is a Chartered Accountant and is associated from past 2 years. She supports the compliance department and its functioning. She ensures adherence to regulatory requirements by our clients. Her attention to detail, analytical skills, and commitment to best practices contribute to identifying and addressing potential compliance risks and financial liabilities.

Miss. Shruti Tandon

She is a Company Secretary and is associated from past 2 years. She leads the compliance department and is responsible for supporting and implementing compliance filings on time. Her experience and dedication to promoting ethical practices and maintaining compliance standards are invaluable in safeguarding the organization's reputation and minimizing potential legal and financial risks.


Miss. Mahak Sharma

She is an MBA and has been associated for past 2 years. She plays a crucial role in the HR, and supports the outsourcing and IT department and contributes to the success of the organization's human capital initiatives. With her strong interpersonal skills she helps to create a positive and productive work environment. 

Mrs. Purvi Tiwari

She is a Chartered Accountant. She plays a crucial role in administering all the departments. With her strong analytical and communication skills, she supports the management and the team.


Miss. Shristi Kapoor 

She leads the individual tax department. With her dynamic approach, she contributes to the success of the organization. She is associated from past 1 year and have expertise in handling the ITIN applications and international individual taxation. She is specialized in ministering the new client’s requests for the ITIN application. She had a past 2 years' experience in Audits and taxation. She is currently pursuing US enrolled agent and intend to become an Enrolled Agent in near future.

Mr. Alwin J Christine 
He is an M.Sc Computer Science Post graduate with a specialization in AI. He is an experienced Zoho Developer with a strong focus on US taxation. He skillfully customizes Zoho applications to optimize tax processes and has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions. Currently leading the IT department at Seva Enterprises LLP, he oversees technological advancements and implements Zoho-based automation. His expertise in Zoho development, combined with his knowledge of US taxation, positions him as a valuable asset within the field.

Miss. Mohini Soni

She is an Engineer and has done her  B.Tech in Information Technology, and serving as our Tech Admin in our organization for the past 2 years. She plays a pivotal role in enhancing our organization's technological landscape. Her expertise in management of both hardware and software requirements, guaranteeing smooth operations across all systems. She has a keen focus on Zoho-based automation and spearheading initiatives to streamline processes, she ensures that technological advancements align seamlessly with our organizational goals. Her dedication extends to prioritizing security and licensing, safeguarding our systems, and ensuring compliance.