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Individual Tax

Tax Planning

Selling a property in India or the U.S.? You need someone who understands the tax impact of both tax regimes. With just a little bit of tax planning, we can help you save a lot, especially in big transactions that usually take place once in a while.

Tax Preparation

We provide personal income tax preparation and filing of Form 1040 and its related schedules, as well as Gift Tax and Estate Tax return filing.

Foreign Asset Reporting

If you are required to file Form 1040 (US tax resident form), you are required to report and file tax on your worldwide income. Furthermore, you are required to report your foreign assets to the U.S. government. 

U.S. Expat Compliance

Are you a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident or Green-card holder of the United States that residing in India? We can help you comply with US tax laws. 

Pre-Immigration Advisory

Are you planning to move to the U.S.? We can help you plan and organize your financial assets in a manner that will minimize your tax liability before you move to the U.S. so that Uncle Sam does not dip into your non-U.S. pie. 

U.S. Immigrant Compliance

Are you an international student on F1, J1 OPT visa or an immigrant on H1b, L1 or other visas? We help you determine your tax residency status and help you maximize your tax refund by using the international tax treaties.